Unique Gifts for Smokers

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Gift giving is hard – we get it. Especially when you’re looking for a unique gift for that special someone. But we’re here to help.

If your special someone consumes cannabis, you’re in luck. The legalization of cannabis has paved the way for a plethora of new brands, products, and gifts that most smokers don’t know about, but any smoker would love. Let’s cut right to the chase:

Designer / Expensive Gifts:

If you’re looking for something truly special for your stoner, look no further than these 3 products and brands:

  • The Marble Set by Cubbi - $350
    • If you want to make a statement, there is no better gift than The Marble Set by Cubbi. Yes, we admittedly make this product. But all biases aside, the Cubbi Marble Set is simply the nicest stash box ever made.
  • Edie Parker TableTop Lighter - $450
    • This one is a bit pricey for a lighter, but that’s the premium you pay for designer brands. Edie Parker is a woman-owned brand that makes tons of cool, designer products for weed smokers.
  • HousePlant All-In-One Rolling Tray - $485
    • HousePlant by Seth Rogan is bringing luxury to weed accessories and furniture. This all-in-one rolling tray is one of our favorites, and includes everything you need for a great session with friends.

    Decorative pipes

    Every smoker needs a pipe. Why not make it look stylish in your home too? Here is a list of our favorite cute, stylish, and decorative pipes:

    • Goodyglass Pipes - $40
      • Goodyglass makes everyday foods like popsicles, avocados, and more all in the form of a glass pipe. Sensational.
    • Sackville & Co Glass Orb Pipe - $112  
      • Sackville & Co is another woman-owned brand creating stylish, modern accessories for smokers. Their glass orb pipe is a functional, yet unique design that will capture any onlooker’s attention.
    • LAUNDRY DAY ‘TANJUN' Pipe - $60
      • We love the Tanjun Pipe by Laundry Day. Bonus: the elegant design acts decor and functions as both an incense holder and a pipe.
    • Edie Parker One Hitter - $95
      • Name a smoker who hasn’t smoked out of a fruit. We’ll wait. Edie parker makes tons of cute pipes, including this banana one-hitter which doubles as a necklace.


    Smoking is messy. If your stoner doesn’t already have a storage solution, a stash box may be the perfect gift.

    • Cubbi Stash Box - $69
      • Featured in Esquire and Gear Patrol, Cubbi’s stash box is one of the best in the game. Not only is it smell proof and organized, but its lid doubles as a rolling tray, it’s dishwasher safe, and it looks great on your shelf.
    • Cannador - $180
      • Cannador makes humidity-controlled boxes, much like a humidor for cigars. Although humidity is not quite as important for cannabis as it is for cigars, this is still a cool feature that true cannabis connoisseurs might appreciate.
    • Staze Stash Jar - $18
      • Staze makes smell proof stash jars with a hand-operated vacuum sealer pump. If you want to keep your weed as fresh as possible for as long as possible, we highly recommend these stash jars.


    Every smoker needs a grinder. If your stoner has been using the same one for years, it may be time for an upgrade.

    • Sackville & Co Grinder - $40
      • The most stylish and unique grinder we’ve seen.
    • Santa Cruz Shredder - $79
      • Santa Cruz is one of the biggest names in grinders, and their quality is top notch.
    • Flower Mill Grinder - $75
      • Flower Mill is new to the grinder scene, and uses a patented grinding technology that “crumbles” your weed rather than shreds it, creating a fluffy, uniform result.
    • Cubbi Grinder - $20
      • Cubbi’s Grinder is very highly rated, and only costs $20. If you’re looking for the best value, you’ll find it here.
    • On-The-Go Grinder by Green Goddess - $9
      • A great grinder to keep in your wallet in case you need it on the go.

    Events / Entertainment:

    Last but not least, sometimes the best gift is an experience. Here are a list of our favorite experiential gifts which you can enjoy together:

    • Movie gift card - $Variable
    Movies are exponentially better when high. Give them the gift of laughter and story telling with a magical movie night!
    Seth Rogan made an LP tailored specifically for the best vibes while smoking. **Warning: record player required.**
    • Local Concert / Festival - $Variable
    Check out what local events are happening in your area, and buy some tickets! These events will create lasting memories and are always worth it. 
    • Edible Dinner - $Variable
    What's better than good food? Good food that also get you high :) With cannabis getting legalized in many states, lots of restaurants are opening that serve cannabis-infused foods. Check out if any are available near you!



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