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Cubbi's Smell Proof Bag is an incredible smell-proof bag versatile enough to store all of your personal items. Made from the highest grade of materials, and we’ve designed it so you can use it as a box or case, depending on what product you’re storing.

  • 100% smell proof with activated carbon lining
  • magnetic tray attachment
  • 2 tubes included
  • glass pouch included

Dimensions: 8.25 x 6 x 3 inches

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Customer Reviews

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The Reviewer
It does work, just don't try to do anything illegal.

So, I mean, yea, its nice, and things I have put in there, didn't seem to leak smells out. But, it is a pain to clean. Also, the bag, while nice, did not close all the way. The magnetic trey is pretty good though! Its a nice little added extra.Things I loved:It does feel nice in the hand.Magnetic tray is great for parts.Things I loved less:Cleaning this if something spills is not easy.It has some quirks, but, it does work. I would get this again if I needed it. It doesn't really do anything new, but, it doesn't do anything really wrong either.

Amazon Customer
Really great case with high functionality

 This was an awesome find. This bag is perfect in many ways! The size, weight and feel, materials and functionality are superb. I was immediately excited even seeing the packaging. The product features a few items; a magnetic tray, plastic cone cases, a soft corduroy pipe sleeve and smell proof case to hold it all in.The soft plush interior and super soft materials give it a very nice tactile feel. It fits comfortably in your hands and can easily be tucked away. The size inside is perfect for carrying multiple items and the magnetic tray is a nice touch. It really is smell proof and the zippers are strong and secure.I’ve used this a couple of times and it’s great. It truly is smell proof and easy to store. It’s a conversation starter as well. I would’ve probably went for the darker option just to show less wear and tear and to be more discreet, but the cream/tan option is nice nonetheless. I’m very happy with this purchase and would highly recommend.

Tough zipper but tough container

So when I first tried to open this bag it gave me a little bit of difficulty and I got a little frustrated. But then I thought about it and it is a waterproof bag and it is a smell proof bag so that zipper has to be tough. This is definitely a hard little case and I love the little pouch that comes inside of it cuz you can put something glass in there and it wouldn't break. Or at least it shouldn't break because it is heavily padded. I love that it has compartments in it and I love the little tray on top I think that's super creative especially since it's magnetic. This is going to be a great little case to keep things up and away until I need them for later.

Amazing Quality!

Comes in a nice box and is GREAT quality! Fits all my paraphernalia nicely and masks the smell completely. Definitely a must buy!

Really neat set

Good little set . Love how the tray is magnetized and sticks to the top . Pouch inside was the only thing I didn’t love as much as I loved everything else . It’s too thick to be pulled shut . The fabric is too much in bulk to pull the draw string tight enough to close up the bag . I’m a lilBummed about that but maybe I can put a different drawstring in it that is thinner and longer . Possibly a thinner longer elastic draw string . I’m not sure if it is going to close if I change out the one piece . It just limits the use of it doesn’t close . Things fall out of bags with that close like this but honestly I didn’t order it for that part so it’s not a huge deal. Overall it is a great set , it’s gift-able for sure . I know a few people who would totally love this .

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Smell Proof and Portable

  • Want to roll up? We got you. Cubbi's Stash Bag comes with a magnetic tray perfect for rolling on the go.
  • Never lose a lighter again. Cubbi's Stash Bag has organized and padded compartments so you can stash all your goods safely.
  • Worried about the smell? Don't. Cubbi's Stash Bag uses a unique 5-layer activated carbon lining which keeps all smells contained.

belt hook

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