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Probably my favorite buy ever! This box works perfectly, it's nice, compact and smell proof. I hope they release more products soon.

Excellent product

This product is essential! It works so well even when you put your nose as close as you can to it it’s smell proof!

Marble Box - Amazing Product, Elegant, Well Packaged, Quick Shipping

For my wifes birthday, I bought her the marble box. She had been using an old cigar box that didnt look good at all.
It arrived yesterday and she couldnt have been any happier. She facetimed me when she opened the box and it was pure excitement and astonishment due to the quality and design. I know the price tag might be a little high but let me say, when you hold it and touch it, it is 100% worth every penny. You know that you are getting an absolutely solid product that is well made and will last a life time. It is now a coffee table center piece, and the best part, it is extremely discreet as to what's inside.

I would recommend 10/10, Thank you to George and the Cubbi Team

Exceptional product and customer service.

I bought this for my son so I wouldn't have the smell in my house. When they say it's smell proof they mean it. I could be holding it in my hand and not smell a thing. My son had an issue with his, the customer service response was amazing. If you are looking for a great stash box, stop looking now. I give Cubbi a 12 out of 10!!!!! I would give more than 5 stars if I could.

When quality meets Luxury

My Marble Cubbi just arrived less than 15 minutes ago and I am blown away by this marvel. This was purchased through Touch of Modern. It is larger than the picture shows and no picture could ever do this beauty justice. This is a legacy accessory that I hope to pass on to my children and their children. Not to mention, it is a limited edition with only 100 being made! I have seen this brand of basic Cubbi's at my favorite dispensary but I already have a basic storage bin for my essentials. This luxury one is a great addition to our bar/den where I typically medicate. I just cannot believe how beautiful she is! I have to think of a fancy ass name for her. The included accessories show the artistry and skill of whoever made this. I am definitely in love and only the finest of herb shall grace her presence.

Great Product

I love my cubbi. I received it late but it was really an Amazon shipping issue. The company resolved it very fast. Great product.